A downloadable game for Windows

Coming from the creator of Five Nights at Frozen Remastered (which is cancelled and never will be developed ever again) Comes a new game! This is better than FNAFRO R. Six Nights at Convorus' will spook you out! So come on down to this brand new game!

Welcome to Convorus' Pizza Shop! Where family and kids come for fun and delight! But when its night, they wander around just because their servos don't lock up. We have a fox in the corner, and your 3 main friends, 4sci, Draggy, and yours truly.

Install instructions

All you have to do is download it and run!


Six Nights at Convorus.exe 68 MB


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i would like o record this at 3-9-2017 I wont joke*

check out my channel "CrazyPixelMaster"i have recorded this